Fridays on The Plaza

7.20.18 Shotgun Lullaby w/ Thumpin’

Shotgun Lullaby

Shotgun Lullaby

SHOTGUN LULLABY is an exciting combination of multi-instrumental musicians featuring pleasing vocal harmonies that makes for a high energy, kick ass, rockin’ country good time. You will recognize many of your favorite modern country songs, as well as some cool stuff you may not have heard, but for sure your friends will want to get up and get dancing. Or just sit back and enjoy the show.

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In just over six years, Thumpin’ has become one of the most popular bands on the Denver music scene, drawing enthusiastic crowds and amassing a loyal following who love what this band does: providing its audiences with music that moves the body and soul, music with maximum groove. Thumpin’ combines two energetic lead vocalists with a tight rhythm and horn section, pristine vocal harmonies, and a repertoire of songs that spans five decades of funk, soul, and R&B: songs that are infrequently played by other acts yet are instantly recognizable and one hundred percent danceable. Thumpin’ is available year-round to bring that groove to your club, wedding, festival, or private function. From the Taste of Colorado to your backyard, Thumpin’ really is Denver’s Favorite Dance Band.

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